First of all, congratulations! Publishing a book is huge and you deserve to take some time to celebrate your achievement!

Are you finished your happy dance? Yes?

OK, now what?

Writing a book is a great way to share your message and wisdom with the world and if you have a profile or business, if you’re a coach or practitioner, it’s a great way to build instant credibility.

Being the author of a book can help to establish you as a thought-leader and the go-to expert in your field. A book allows you to help people anywhere, anytime without being restrained by the number of hours in the day. Sometimes though, it’s simply about a burning desire to share an important story or share a part of history that needs to be shared. Whatever the reason you’ve decided to write that book, publishing it is just the beginning of the journey. It could be the launchpad that takes you to heights you never imagined were possible.

How? By leveraging.

The Next Step – Leveraging Your Book

Leveraging the knowledge and expertise that you put into your book can help you to expand the automation of your practice. You could reach more people than you ever thought you would. You could earn more money than ever before. You could even earn money while you sleep.

Your life’s work could help people from all around the world, and you could help individuals that you would never have the chance to meet in person.

How big of an impact do you want to have?

With your book as a baseline, you can create any number of new products and services that will allow you to share your experience without being reliant on your available time. These products and services based on the content of your book, along with it, can help your practice to move beyond the one-to-one method we’re all familiar with and into a ‘zero to many’ approach.

Ideas for Expansion

Using you book as the basis, you can rework the content or message into a number of other products or services, depending upon your own preferences. I have included some ideas for you here:

  • Online courses – The content can be reworked into a short or long course that individuals can purchase and access online when and where they want. Fully automated and delivered on an online platform, so you record the course once and it continues to sell.
  • Modules in the course– You could create a series of video or audio lectures, or modules that they watch or listen to, read through and complete in their own time. This style of online course would, once created, be fully automated and allow clients to participate without you having to be available during the entire study period.
  • Live Webinar Series – If you like to be a little more involved, you could rework the book content and create a series of webinars that you host live online. This is a great way of reaching many more people than you possibly could in person and if you record the webinar, it can be replayed as many times as you like, allowing this to become an automated option as well.
  • Workshop Tours – If you still love the personal connection of being in the same room as the people you are working with, you could consider doing workshop tours. Reworking the content into a live workshop and seminars. This still allows you to move beyond the one-to-one method and into a one-to-many approach, helping you to assist many more people in a single hour as you could in a normal appointment.
  • Keynote Speaking – If you love public speaking this could be a great option for you. It will allow you to reach and share your message with many people at once and can really build your profile as a practitioner as well as giving you amazing networking opportunities.

There are many other options that you could choose from, such as connecting with media and putting yourself out there as a credible and interesting source for both print and tv interviews. Who knows, you might become the next big media personality, giving yourself an amazing platform from which you can reach and help thousands of individuals.

You are in control, use your book to launch the business that you want. Choose one approach that suits you best, or utilise a whole range of approaches. The important thing is to ask yourself what kind of business and what kind of success do you want and what would that look like.

It will take a little bit to set up, but once it is it will change your life as a practitioner, as well as changing the lives of the many people who connect with your message!

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To your potential

Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist
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