As a health practitioner or Coach, helping your clients achieve their goals is the most important aspect of your work. Working with them and being able to provide them with the support and information that they need is vital. Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of hours in a day and you’re only one person, so you can’t always be there for everyone who needs you.


Maybe not.


Getting your wisdom and genius out of your head and writing a book could be a great way to help more people and reach those who need it in a way that doesn’t rely on your time, or the number of appointments you have available each week. And writing a book can have other benefits as well.

Here are six reasons why, as a health practitioner, writing a book is something that you should seriously consider.

#1 To share your message or leave a legacy

Writing a book is a great way of sharing your message with many people. You might be interested in sharing your expertise or maybe you have had interesting experiences that you would like to share in the form of a memoir.

As a practitioner you have trained and worked hard, gaining a lot of expertise in your particular field along the way. Many people would find your expertise or experience both useful and interesting, and writing a book is a great way to leave your legacy.

#2 To become an authority in your field

A book can position you as a thought-leader and the go-to expert in your field, which can lead to an increase in media and other attention for you and your practice.

Sharing your message broadly and being seen as an authority lends credibility to your work when it comes to your clients, fellow practitioners, and other stakeholders.

#3 To build your client-base and increase your bookings

Being seen as an authority and having something that makes you recognizable will obviously help to get your name out there which can lead to increased bookings and make you a sort-after practitioner.

As well as this benefit to you and your business, a book can be used as a give-away to not only attract new clients but also to nurture current clients, giving them additional support when they aren’t in an appointment.

#4 To expand your client-base and help as many people as possible

I’m sure most of you chose your field because you have a desire to help people. In addition to increasing your bookings, a book can help to build an audience for your work that reaches beyond those that you can see face-to-face during your work week. It can help your business go from a ‘one to one’ model to a ‘zero to many’ model, allowing you to reach many more people than you could ever help ‘one to one’.

#5 To leverage your expertise

You have no doubt spent years building up your knowledge, skills, and expertise, but the ability to utilize these can be limited when you are working in the ‘one to one’ model that we’re all taught in our training.

A book can be a great tool that you can leverage to build an automated form of income that will allow you to earn while you sleep. In addition, this automated approach allows you to be everywhere, anytime – allowing you to help people worldwide, and continue to earn a living, even while you’re on holiday.

#6 To create an ongoing impact, even after retirement

The traditional practitioner/client model means that if you aren’t seeing clients, you are no longer providing support. So, once you retire, you’ve reached the limit of the people you can help.

A book will continue to share your message and continue to reach and help people for years to come, even when you are no longer working.

As a bonus, particularly if you leverage it well, a book can give you an ongoing income, even once you have retired.


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Maggie Wilde – The Potentialist

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