In the writing world, it doesn’t matter if a book is self-published or traditionally published; every printed book needs an ISBN and securing this is a big step in ensuring success of your book.

As a health practitioner or coach who is ready to get published, to get their message out to a worldwide audience while simultaneously becoming a best-selling author and industry leader, you probably have a lot of unanswered questions around the topic of ISBNs such as:

  • What is an ISBN?
  • Does your self-published book need one?
  • Is an ISBN the same thing as a barcode?

I understand the confusion when you’re doing all of this on your own while still trying to run your practice and balance clients, finding any extra time can seem impossible – I’ve been there too!

Below you’ll find all you need to know about ISBNs plus the answers to the above questions!

What Is an ISBN?

ISBN, which stands for International Standard Book Number, is a 13-digit number used as a unique identifier for books.

An ISBN is used to identify a book’s publisher, title, edition, and format. It is used internationally and requires a different combination of numbers for each version of your book – so if you were to sell your book in both paperback, hardback and kindle formats, you would need different ISBNs!

An ISBN can be purchased at any stage of your writing journey, so there’s no need to complete your book before buying yours.

It’s also worth noting that publishing a revised version of your book requires an entirely new ISBN – so it’s better to get it right the first time!

ISBNs & Barcodes: What’s the Difference? Do I Need Both?

Although both the ISBN and barcode can be found on the back of a book and usually in the same place, it is worth noting that they are not the same thing, and each plays a unique role in the selling of your book.

A barcode’s primary purpose is to allow your book to be identified by shop scanners and usually contains information about the book’s price and the currency it is being sold in.

If you only plan to sell your book online or privately like to your clients or at speaking engagements, you won’t need a bar code, although many publishers put them on their books anyway.

Do You Have Any More Unanswered Questions?

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