As a health practitioner or coach who is serious about finding success as a self-published author, I’m sure you realize just how crucial building and maintaining an engaged and receptive audience is!

After all, there are so many people out there whose lives can benefit from your knowledge and expertise, but the question is: how do you reach them? There’s no point in having a great book, spending months working on your message to your audience, and then, have no-one read that book because you don’t have a list of eager readers.

It’s hardly surprising that between running your practice, meeting the needs of clients and your family, and dealing with the million other things there is to do as a small business owner, to then find the time to even think about, let alone actually start growing your list of readers can seem like a mammoth task!

As a first-time, or even second-time, author, it’s easy to get sucked into the often-confusing marketing advice you find on the internet. One person says their way is the best way, while another claims theirs is better – who do you listen to?

It can all become wildly overwhelming; I get it, I’ve been there too! In the beginning, I tried so many different ways to build my book audience. Through years of experience, discovering what did (and definitely did not) work, I’ve finally been able to nail down 3 proven ways you can start growing your book audience today!

Keep reading to find out what they are and how you can start implementing them!

#1 Start With a Plan

You wouldn’t just hop in your car without first knowing where you are going, would you? (Well, if you’re adventurous, then maybe you would, but most of us like to know where we are heading first!)

The same applies when it comes to marketing your book.

Knowing your end goal is key to creating a marketing strategy that works for you and your business. Have you thought realistically about how many books you want to sell? What is the profit margin you would like to make? It’s important to ask yourself these questions so that you can tailor an annual plan accordingly.

It’s also important to know who you are selling to and where they ‘hang’ out. It’s no secret that books with a clearly defined target audience are easier to sell because you already have an idea of who to target and where they are likely to hang out (e.g. which social media platform). It’s vital you know a book like this. What their interests are, what groups do they join, what likes, or dislikes do they have? What are their pain-points and the solutions they want?

If you are struggling to define your ideal reader, try thinking of some of the clients you’ve helped the most in the past and take it from there.

Now, all of this is not to say that you can’t be flexible in your approach. Some of my most valuable insights into the world of publishing were discovered through the mistakes I had made in the past. You just need to keep a clear view of where you are headed and play around until you find out what works for you, your audience, and your business!


#2 Use Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools modern-day business owners, health practitioners, and anyone wanting to grow their audience should be using.

With all the time and effort that goes into self-publishing a book, sometimes social media is used late in the process of publishing your book. I start connecting to my ideal reader on social media long before I’ve finished writing and editing the book. Social media may seem time-consuming and too much of a hassle, but it is the greatest method you have to create and build authentic relationships with your audience – and the best part is, there are loads of ways to start attracting this audience for free!

The good news is you don’t need to be a master of all social platforms to reap the benefits. I recommend choosing one platform first, the one where your audience is likely to hang out. Get good at that one first, and only then, branch out to immerse yourself another platform!


What to post

Not sure what to post? Step into your audience’s shoes for a moment and think, “What would I like to see on my news feed?” The more content you post that strikes a chord with your target reader, the more likely they are to share your page with their friends, and the more of a following you will build.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your posts; it’s the best way to create authenticity and a sense of trust with your reader! Think about: ‘How can I make their day better today?’ Often, we tend to focus on the big ‘changes’, the life-altering changes, but the average person just wants to know how to make today a little better first.

My top tip for posting is to remember that people use social media to be ‘social.’ Just because you want to build a list of raving fan readers, doesn’t mean they all come to social media looking for you and your book.

People are on social media for three main reasons: to be amused, inspired or educated. So, post scroll-stopping images with content that will make their day better somehow by either amusing, inspiring or educating them.


#3 The Money is in the List

Your email list is your most valuable asset when it comes to selling not only your book but any of your services. You’ll use your list to announce recent blog posts, offer tips and strategies that make their day better, post new content & offers, and launch your book once it is available for sale.

Building an email list can seem like a daunting task at first, but all it requires is a little bit of time and a healthy dose of imagination.

What reason would people want to give you their email address? Give them a reason that matters to them. Offer incentives such as freebies, discounts to your products, tips and even sneak peek offers into the first chapter/s of your book! I treat my list as loyal friends. I respect them as I would my closest friends and offer genuine nurturing and guidance. Occasional sales of products that are exclusive to my list.

Once your email list starts to grow, nurture, nurture and nurture again. But also don’t forget to make an offer too. These people have granted you permission to contact them directly, so make sure any content you send out is personal, engaging, and educational! But don’t be afraid to make your offers occasionally too, don’t fear that people will unsubscribe, if they do they weren’t your ideal reader anyway.

A well-nurtured email list will serve you time and time again, especially if you decide to write more than one book as you now have a list of fans just itching to hear what you have to say next! Also, if something changes on your social media platforms and reaching your audience is affected (which happens frequently when platforms change their algorithms), then you still have your most valuable asset, your email list.


The key to a great email list is to start it early and keep it growing.

The truth of the matter is, you don’t need to have a huge audience to be a successful author; you just need an audience who loves what you do and appreciates the message you provide.

If you are finding it hard to navigate the often tricky terrain of growing your list, then you’ve got to check out my UNLEASHED Mentoring Program.

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