“OMG another booking this morning for Wednesday. I worked with other marketing people for 2 years and never got a lead for my high-ticket program. In 2 days, I have 2 calls booked in, you guys are absolute legends. I am blessed to have found you all ” 

“Wow, we just did 2 days with the Mind Potential Publishing Team, filming our online course, what an incredible experience. Having Maggie and the Team by our side, we nailed it first time. We couldn’t have done it to this quality and with such ease without you. You took away the stress, we didn’t have to worry about the ‘how’, you handled all of that for us. You guys rock!”

Karyn de Mol

Creatrix® Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and the Therapist’s Accountant, Author of Eating Secrets and the online course, How to Overcome Binge Eating and Sabotage.

“I believe my practice grew successful and fast because I became an expert having written a book and created an online course. Because I can say now, ‘I am an author and course creator,’ I have all these people who trust me, it’s a trust thing. So glad I did this, thank you.”

“Thank you to the wonderful Maggie Wilde and the Mind Potential Publishing Team. You showed me how writing this book would be an amazing experience. My ride was smooth. I was supported and the best of me was encouraged. I’m grateful to the team who kept me accountable.”

Amanda Dounis

Psychotherapist and Educator, Author of Evolving Relationship and the Certificate in Relationship Diversity Online Course

“Maggie’s energy, wisdom and knowledge make her an exceptional mentor and a personal cheerleader all-in-one. She went above and beyond to take us through the process step-by-step and made it easy and fun. Our first book is finished, we’ve produced an online course and the next book and course are being structured. The skilled team are experts in their field and were genuinely invested in our book journey.  They are organised and fully engaged in the industry, provide exceptional value for money and delivered exactly what they said they would do. Thank you, Maggie and the Mind Potential Publishing Team, for such an amazing experience. 

Megan’s Harris

Hypnotherapist, NLPer and Therapist’s Accountant, Author of Eating Secrets and the online course, How to Overcome Binge Eating and Sabotage.

“Thank you, Maggie and the Mind Potential Publishing Team, for such an amazing experience. Our book is here! We’ve learned so much in this past 2 years with you all. Now we’re producing our next course with you, and we’ve already got the next book and course being structured. I’ve wanted to leave my day job and do this fulltime for such a long time, and it’s real now. You’ve taken us from here, to wow!”

Megan Harris

Hypnotherapist, NLPer and Therapist’s Accountant, Author of Eating Secrets and the online course, How to Overcome Binge Eating and Sabotage.

“Thank you team, I couldn’t do this without you. I’m finally getting myself out there.”

“You have made this easy by giving me bite sized steps, and the support throughout. I feel confident in myself as an author now. I’m standing in my true strength and potential.”

Karlene Georgiadis

Biomedical Naturopath, Author of the Know Your Sh!t, How to solve your biggest health mystery with a no bullshit approach to gut health.

“This Publishing program is the best thing we did for our business. Mind Potential Publishing is the only big program we’ve ever done where all our expectations were either met or exceeded. We’ve done so many other programs hoping for these outcomes and nothing before this delivered. Maggie and the team have blown us away, we can’t thank the team enough.”

Leonie and John O’Connell

Directors of Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, Authors of What to Do When What You Did Didn’t Work and the online course Practitioner Masterclass Dealing with Resistant Clients

“Thank you, Maggie Wilde, who not only provided advice for the book, but for your support and belief in me that I could do it.”

Dr Olga Lavalle

Clinical Psychologist, Author of The New Normal, a widow’s guide to grief

“After years of wanting to do this, but not knowing how, the Mind Potential Publishing Team have made it possible. They do all the tech stuff I don’t know how to do and that allows me to get on with doing what I do well. They’re making the dream a reality.”

Philippa Hunt

Organisational Psychology, Astrologer and Financial Advisor, Author of WiseGirls Money Magic and online program

“Thank you to my mentor and publisher, Maggie Wilde. From the very beginning when I shared my story and dream with you, you have supported and guided me through this beautiful and many times, soul-searching journey. Thank you for your belief in me and your love, care and expertise. I always knew this book was to be written and it is because of you that it has now happened.”

Lynne Lumley

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author of A Good Enough Mother, the 7-step formula to let go of guilt and trust your parenting skills

“Thank you to my publisher, editor and mentor Maggie Wilde and the Mind Potential Publishing Team. You always over deliver with enthusiasm and a sense of fun. Your talent, dedication and encouragement has exceeded all my expectations. The outcome is bigger than I could ever have imaged.”

Juanita Smith

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trainer for Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, Author of Is it a Habit or an Addiction? The step-by-step system to take back control and gain freedom

“Thank you to Maggie Wilde and the team at Mind Potential Publishing who have supported me during the writing, editing and publishing of my latest book, course and oracle card decks. Maggie Your expertise and encouragement as a mentor, an editor and publisher is outstanding.”

Michelle Robinson

Director and Founder of The Academy of Spiritual Practice, Author of three books Your Intuitive Gifts At Work, I’m Positive and Karma Couples. Creator of the online program, Certificate in Advanced Intuitive Practice. Author of the 2 oracle card decks, The Daily Compass and Open to Spirit.

“My publishing team have allowed me to just write the book and made everything else so easy. The team met everything I put forward with enthusiasm and encouragement, professionalism and a sense of humour.”

Kirsten Brumby

Executive Coach and Consultant – Connecting People to Purpose, Author of Now What? A Step-by-step approach to land your new job or career and her latest book, How to Write Effective Policies and Procedures.

“We especially thank the extraordinary Maggie Wilde and Trish Walker from the Mind Potential Publishing Team, for their loving encouragement and support, for organizing us and for sharing our dream and vision and the publishing and editing of this book. You helped us from the start to make it real and put the idea down on paper, and to give us a voice. We are eternally grateful for the opportunity.”

Karyn de Mol and Megan Harris

Clinical Hypnotherapists, NLPers and founders of Relationshifters, Authors of Eating Secrets and the online program How to overcome binge eating and self-sabotage

“Maggie and the team are very generous with their time and I felt supported and encouraged throughout the process. The combined coaching and publishing process brought out my unique message, and as a therapist herself, Maggie understood the fresh approach I wanted to bring to Counselling. My passions are neuroplasticity and counselling and Maggie helped me create the unique Neurocounselling modality that I now teach at conferences and in my workshops around the country.”

“Maggie Wilde has been very supportive of me. Because of her I have done things I would not have done otherwise – I’ve published a book and now I’ve developed and presented workshops around the country.”

Katina Gleeson

Founder of Neurocounselling, Counsellor, Social Worker and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author of Neurocounselling and numerous industry workshops and seminars

“… to the editorial and publishing team at Mind Potential Publishing. Thank you for bringing this book to life.”

Courtney Jones

Coach and Undercover Intuitive. Founder of Leadership Ascension Academy, Author of The Leader Within, 7 Steps to Ascension Leadership and Intuition in Business and the Transformation Journal. Creator of the online program Advanced Certificate of Ascension Leadership

“Thank you to the strategic and authentic Maggie Wilde, for providing me with the space, energy and inclination to see this book through to publication and to the beautiful Trish Walker and the Mind Potential Publishing Team, whose gentle nudging and kindness kept me to deadlines.”

Dr Amanda Hordern

Founder Bayside Healthy Living, Author of Sex & Cancer - connect with your body and rekindle your spark

“I’ve watched my business grow from being seen as a therapist to now becoming an educator. I get to speak to my community and to other practitioners with confidence and authority because of my book and program.”

Lista Gough

Counsellor and Relationship Diversity Specialist, Author of My Coping Skills Handbook and the My Coping Skills for Kids Online Course

As a published author now, I’ve been invited to be the expert on a crime investigation documentary, I’ve been a guest on numerous podcasts and am regularly invited to speak at industry conferences and online events. Being published by Mind Potential Publishing has helped take my business to the next level.”

Brett Cameron

Director, Cameron Hypnotics and founder of The Hypnotics Academy, Author of Fully Booked, The formula for a thriving healthcare business. Creator of the online program, Healthcare Business Masterclass

Meet the Team

Maggie Wilde - The Potentialist

Publisher, editor-in-chief. Author mentor

I love books, I love learning, I love knowing what I do enhances the lives of our authors and their readers. When our authors realize their dreams, I get a buzz too. Knowing I’ve helped them deconstruct their genius, get it out of their head and into print and in a course so they can help even more people, it’s why I do what I do. I love the relief in our author’s eyes when they realize we genuinely do the hard bits for them.

Lucinda Dean

Author Accountability Coach, Maggie’s right-hand, PR specialist, writer and editor

I love words, I like organizing them together in magical ways that help our authors shine brighter. Being able to support and organize our authors means no day is the same. I provide accountability, a listening ear and practical PR and editing support, it’s so rewarding.

Trish Walker

Proofing and Quality Control Expert

I love reading and proofing our authors books. I’m a stickler for detail and I feel privileged to run my eagle eye over every book.

Carlos Vaquero

Branding specialist, photographer and videographer.

The ability to translate our authors vision and build a profile brand that takes them to another level is so rewarding.

Narelle Ellis

Graphic designer and all-round book design guru

I love helping authors bring their vision alive, by turning their thoughts into a tangible product. We’re here to make sure your book cover and formatting meet world-class standards.

Jonna Lindwaren

Digital Marketing Technology Geek

I’m a digital marketing software geek, I do software platforms, funnel and course building, email automation and social media. I love knowing our authors are making a difference.

Patricia Cassejus

Graphic designer and author support

I design the products around your digital marketing funnel, branding your lead magnets and resources for your book and course. Even your book-trailer. We have so much fun while we bring it all together for you.

Mary-lou Stephens

Editor and proof-reader

Every time I’m sent a manuscript to edit, I get excited about what I’ll learn. Each author has a depth of knowledge and skill in their chosen field. The authors and I work together to create the best possible experience for the reader and it’s always a joy.

Cassie Small

Editor and PR Writer

I like helping our authors get strategy into their launches. To find that right way to ‘massage’ a media release and get it in the right hands.

Shenny Neverecel

Social media guru

I’m a self-confessed social media geek. If there’s a policy change, I’m on it. I get a buzz when authors get to use social media to attract their ideal readers and students.

Veer Sharma

Digital marketing specialist

Digital funnels and online course platforms are my thing. I love knowing our authors and course developers help people all over the world.


Neha Sharma

Digital marketing specialist

I like helping people share their message online, I’m a total geek when it comes to digital marketing platforms. I’m a new mum and I love working with the MPP family too.

Annie Murray

Copywriter and marketing guru

I am fascinated with the psychology of the mind. Knowing how to tell a story in marketing is an art. Authenticity means from the heart, so when a story comes to life, I feel the buzz!