Discover The 7 Signposts

That Confirm It’s Your

Destiny To Work With

Your Intuitive Gift

In this FREE Destiny’s Journal you will:

Discover the 7 Signposts that confirm you’re ready to develop your intuitive gifts further and use them to help others.

Explore everyday signs and compare real life examples to know that it is your soul-purpose to work with your intuitive gift!

Discover whether your soul is calling you to develop your intuitive gifts. You can finally embrace your True Calling.

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Follow the signs of your spiritual calling, so you can finally start helping others! Feel inspired to work with your Gifts!



It’s time to start believing in yourself!

Own your abilities and start working with your intuitive gifts. Fulfil your soul-purpose and take a step forward on your destiny.


Activate your potential, your passion and your gift.

Move away from worry and open up to let Light shine on your Intuitive Gift so you help more people than you ever imagined.


Banish doubt.

Allow yourself to walk the walk and step into your life’s purpose. Embrace your gift with confidence and success!! Recognise the signs that you’re on the right path!



I’m Michelle Robinson

I have spent nearly 20 years of my career practising mediumship and spiritual healing.

I have helped thousands of people along the way. I’m a qualified teacher, counsellor and hypnotherapist.

I understand that positive thinking is essential to trusting yourself and your gift. I’ll guide you to embrace your intuitive gift and set you on the path of personal and professional growth.

What Our Customers Are Saying?

“Thank you for the explanation, it makes more sense to me now.”




Wonderful, thank you Michelle. Your wise words to me really resonated today.”




“Thank you so much Michelle I have read a lot on the internet about empathy and energies but nothing is compatible to the insight you give. I’m almost all caught up on your lives as I got side tracked with homeschooling while that was happening.”




“Thank you Michelle. Another insightful talk.”




“Thank you so much Michelle always fabulous to hear your insights.”




“Wow Michelle Thank you so much… The energy from the cards and messages was intense xo.”




“Thank you so much xx This was accurate.”