Do you think that the hardest part of publishing a book is writing it?

Guess again!

Believe it or not, there are 247 steps before you can publish your own book. Not to mention the even longer list of steps it takes to build and market an online course and then a digital marketing funnel.

That’s the reason why countless successful industry leaders never get that great book idea out of their head. 

It isn’t because they don’t have the drive, the message or the talent. It’s simply because they don’t know how to get it published or get that online course built and out there!

But when you know the system to write, publish, grow an audience, and build an online course… when you know the system to sell those products with an automated digital marketing machine, things are suddenly a whole lot clearer. 

Register for the event that best suits you, and those 247 plus steps will fly by because we’ll do the hard bits for you!


SCALE Your Business

Practitioner and Coaches Retreat

My three-day SCALE your business – Practitioner and Coaches Retreat will help you establish a proven business model and reach your potential.

You’ll understand how to gain instant credibility by publishing a book, eBook, or great content.

I’ll show you how you can convert your book into an online course and digital products. 

From there, you can pair the two together to sell your book AND course, creating a dependable passive income stream!

Tickets are selling fast, and VIP numbers are capped at 12 seats! You can either join me as a VIP, LIVE and in-person at our exclusive event on the Sunshine coast (maximum 12 people.) Or connect as an online VIP via live-stream from anywhere in the world. Be quick as seats sell very fast!

One-Day “Get Published” Live Stream

Whether it’s lack of time or you’re not sure how to make an automated income by publishing a book or an online course.

I’ll show you how to use your book as a platform for launching your business to the next level and earn an incredible automated income.

​Through the use of digital marketing funnels, you can create continuous, passive income by sharing your message.

By the end of the day, you will have a complete strategy to grow a six-figure (or even seven-figure) business by publishing your revolutionary ideas in a book or eBook.

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