Books, Courses and Authors

We’ve published countless books and online courses. We’ve supported our authors and practitioners to get their genius out to the world, to share their message. We’ve shown them how to have a dependable passive income with their books, courses, workshops, webinars and other products.

Below is a selection of the authors we’ve guided from initial idea to publication, marketing, and beyond!

Kirsten Brumby

Kirsten Brumby has spent more than 20 years in HR consultancy, coaching and training for individuals, teams and organisations. Kirsten co-founded a HR consultancy firm that generated 7-figures annually; she brings an innovative approach to career coaching and the job application process and her systems and strategies are sought after worldwide by industry professionals.

Now What?

If you’re questioning whether to change jobs or even embark on a new career, Now What?,shows you how to gain clarity and take that critical next step. With 20 years’ experience working and coaching in Human Resources, author Kirsten Brumby has all the tools you’ll need to land your dream job.

Lynne Lumley

Lynne Lumley knows how desperate it feels when forces beyond any parent’s control threatens their child’s survival. As a therapist, Lynne shares her wisdom and step-by-step strategies to help other mums connect with their intuition and embrace the best version of themselves

A Good Enough Mother

A Good Enough Mother is a panacea for every woman who has ever doubted herself, or her parenting capability. Learn how to trust your intuition and parenting skills, and let go of any lingering guilt, blame or shame, which interferes with your relationship with your children.

Leonie and John O’Connell

John & Leonie O’Connell are the co-founders and directors of The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis. The couple believes that training doesn’t end with certification alone; their graduates continue to be supported by the Academy and have gone on to have purposeful and financially rewarding careers helping others

What to do when what you did didn’t work

Did you know 40% of clients who see a therapist report little or no change or improvement? What to do when what you did didn’t work is based on groundbreaking research about therapy efficacy and includes insider secrets and techniques to get clients, and therapists, unstuck

Amanda Dounis

Amanda Dounis is passionate about helping kids develop social and emotional wellness. Owner of multiple early learning centres, Amanda credits ‘her’ kids for their teachings, which underpin her 4- step C.O.P.E strategy.

My Coping Skills Handbook

My Coping Skills Handbook equips 8-to-12-year-olds with the skills to handle life’s everyday challenges. If your child is prone to anxiety, sadness or anger, then learning the 4-step C.O.P.E formula will positively transform their life

Karyn De Mol and Megan Harris

Karyn De Mol and Megan Harris have both lived through a tumultuous battle with binge eating and weight. The understand the depth required to take charge and now, as therapists, they help others to do the same

Eating Secrets

If your relationship to food sometimes feels like a ‘dirty secret’ then Eating Secrets is a must-read. Discover what triggers your binge eating, learn how to stop self-sabotage and emotional overeating, and discover how to take back control.

Lista Gough

Lista Gough is a counsellor specialising in relationships and trauma. Throughout her 30- year marriage, Lista discovered that being with ‘The One’ did not magically make her happy; in fact, she found that fulfillment comes from the rich tapestries of all her relationships, including, importantly, the one we have with ourselves.

Evolving Relationship

If you’re ready to say, “YES!” to happy, healthy relationships, then Evolving Relationships will show you how. Discover how to have more stability, authenticity and joy in all your relationships, including with yourself.

Maggie Wilde

The Potentialist Unzip the Fatsuit Using Your Mind

Do you, or someone you know, battle with emotional eating or comfort cravings? Is yo-yo dieting an issue? Perhaps it’s time to unzip the fat suit to reveal a healthy and slim you. To change your body permanently, you must also change your mind. This book provides step-by-step strategies to eliminate unhealthy cravings and eating habits and put a stop to the unhelpful battle in your head about your body, food and exercise.


Maggie Wilde’s life-changing book assures you that you’re not your thoughts, habits, emotional reactions, current beliefs, fears, doubts, or past experiences. One of the greatest powers you already have is that you are the observer of all those things: you possess the power to change your reactions. Discover a selection of control, program and rewire (CPR) strategies that make living your potential much easier and more natural. Learn how to rewire and reprogram your brain for success!

Juanita Smith

Raised as a young child in an environment where addiction seemed normal, Juanita Smith experienced firsthand the emotional and physical toll that addiction has on families, health and longevity. As a specialist Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Juanita now helps people overcome their debilitating habits and addictions

Is it a habit or an addiction?

Is it a habit or an addiction? is a gateway to finding the freedom you truly crave. Break the chains of unhelpful habits and addictions by following Juanita Smith’s step-by-step system to regain control of your life.

Katina Gleeson


If you have tried to help someone change their thinking, or behaviour, you have quickly discovered that simply telling them what to do most often doesn’t work.
This book explores ideas about different counselling theories and communication skills, concepts from neuroscience, the factors that support change, the importance of understanding ourselves in order to build stronger therapeutic relationships. The theme at the heart of all these ideas is the central role of good communication in supporting positive change.

Courtney Jones

Courtney Jones is the ‘Undercover Intuitive’. She combines her background in strategic planning, business operations and stakeholder management with a depth of understanding of Positive Psychology, Hypnosis, Metaphysics, Mediumship and Energy Therapy to create a unique approach to female leadership, which is having a profound impact on professional women in business.

The Leader Within

The Leader Within shows women that it’s possible to follow a spiritual path and succeed in business. In 7-steps you will learn how to combine your skills, intuition and passion to improve your business outcomes and unleash the leader within.

Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson is the co-founder and principal of The Academy of Spiritual Practice. Michelle draws on 30 years’ experience as a mainstream educator and a professional intuitive practitioner to help others embrace their ‘calling’ and develop their intuitive gift as a professional spiritual practitioner

Your Intuitive Gifts at Work

Do you have intuitive gifts? If you’re ready to transition from practicing your skills to setting up an professional intuitive practice, Your Intuitive Gifts at Work will show how.

I’m Positive!

Want to learn how to program your mind so positive thoughts and feelings are your natural default? I’m Positive! will help you let go of unhelpful thought processes, emotional hurts and outdated beliefs so you can feel confident, optimistic and in control of your choices.

Karma Couples

Karma Couples helps you make sense of confusing and troubled relationships with your life partner. Author Michelle Robinson believes that as souls, we are incarnated to Earth for human experiences, which are designed to make us grow. This does not mean it’s okay to stay in a fraught relationship, rather Karma Couples will help you assess your relationship in light of your karmic lessons and help you decided whether to stay or go.

Daily Compass Oracle Cards

The Daily Compass deck unites the wisdom of Spirit with positive messages for everyday life. It helps you navigate your life with greater clarity and confidence. The cards are uplifting and practical, suitable for all levels of experience. Some are even a little humorous, as humour lightens our energy.

Open to Spirit Oracle Cards

The Open to Spirit deck listens to the calling of your Soul. It provides gentle spiritual nourishment, offering wisdom that is deeper than a standard, psychic message. It provides you with opportunities to give and receive soul-readings.
Whether your chosen cards provide insights about your intuitive gifts, your Soul’s calling, self-healing, or messages from the Spirit World, you will feel uplifted, supported and loved.

Brett Cameron

Brett Cameron quit a lucrative career in sales and marketing in 2006 to retrain as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner. He’s a sought-after professional practitioner with his own thriving Fully Booked practice; an author, mentor and keynote speaker.

Fully Booked

Fully Booked is a step-by-step guide to building a successful and sustainable solo healthcare business. Learn how to balance, and gain mastery over, running your business with doing what you love most, helping patients.

Dr. Amanda Hordern

Dr. Amanda Hordern is a leading international expert who strives to lift the lid off the great taboo, sex after cancer. In her role as Executive Director Cancer Information and Support, at Cancer Council Victoria, and after decades of counseling, teaching and research in cancer care.

Sex & Cancer

There is sex after cancer. There is desire, laughter, confidence and acceptance too. This ground-breaking book combines the latest neuroscience with powerful and practical techniques to help you reclaim your sexual confidence, rekindle desire, and experience happiness from the inside out. Discover how to: reclaim your confidence and self-esteem after cancer; have more energy, re-activate and enhance your sexual desire; ‘re-program’ your body and mind to adapt to the physical, sexual and emotional changes in a positive way; and find peace with the changes you experience.

Dr. Olga Lavalle

A Widow’s Guide to Grief

Dr Olga Lavalle understands the journey of grief from two perspectives… as a Clinical Psychologist and first-hand, as a widow. Olga understood well the theories of grief but when her husband Mick died, she threw away the theories and became a woman, just like other widows. She learned to embrace and experience grief to find her New Normal. In this book, Olga shares what she learnt, how she and her children coped, and how she’s helped other widows cope with loss too.