Hi, I’m Maggie Wilde.

After being in private practice for nearly 20 years, I burned out. I knew I still had so much to do still, but I needed a way of reaching people without killing myself in the process. 

So, in 2014, I pivoted my business online and designed a way to grow a multiple 6-figure automated income by sharing my message through publishing my books and online courses. 

I learned about the power social media gives you to build a list of readers and fans. Practitioners and coaches from around the world started asking, “How can I do this too?”

  • I knew back then as a practitioner, if I didn’t work, I didn’t earn.
  • I wanted a business that had an exit strategy that would continue to help people and provide an income long after I retired.
  • I wanted ways to earn that didn’t rely on my time, and to future proof my business if I couldn’t or didn’t want to see patients one to one
  • I wanted to reach more people.
  • I wanted days off and time with my husband and grandbabies.
  • I never wanted to burn out again, I wanted to choose my hours but sustain and grow my income.

So, I chose to overcome my fear of technology and online digital marketing, and mastered online courses, publishing and marketing funnels. With these skills, I’ve successfully helped many other healthcare practitioners take charge of their financial destiny too.

I can show you how to get your genius out of your head, publish and profit from it, as you scale a business around a book and online course!

It’s time to stop playing small, stop being the world’s best-kept secret!

Let’s start publishing your ideas and growing your income. Get in touch today!

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Meet the Team

Maggie Wilde - The Potentialist

Publisher, editor-in-chief. Author mentor

I love books, I love learning, I love knowing what I do enhances the lives of our authors and their readers. When our authors realize their dreams, I get a buzz too. Knowing I’ve helped them deconstruct their genius, get it out of their head and into print and in a course so they can help even more people, it’s why I do what I do. I love the relief in our author’s eyes when they realize we genuinely do the hard bits for them.

Lucinda Dean

Author Accountability Coach, Maggie’s right-hand, PR specialist, writer and editor

I love words, I like organizing them together in magical ways that help our authors shine brighter. Being able to support and organize our authors means no day is the same. I provide accountability, a listening ear and practical PR and editing support, it’s so rewarding.

Trish Walker

Proofing and Quality Control Expert

I love reading and proofing our authors books. I’m a stickler for detail and I feel privileged to run my eagle eye over every book.

Carlos Vaquero

Branding specialist, photographer and videographer.

The ability to translate our authors vision and build a profile brand that takes them to another level is so rewarding.

Narelle Ellis

Graphic designer and all-round book design guru

I love helping authors bring their vision alive, by turning their thoughts into a tangible product. We’re here to make sure your book cover and formatting meet world-class standards.

Jonna Lindwaren

Digital Marketing Technology Geek

I’m a digital marketing software geek, I do software platforms, funnel and course building, email automation and social media. I love knowing our authors are making a difference.

Patricia Cassejus

Graphic designer and author support

I design the products around your digital marketing funnel, branding your lead magnets and resources for your book and course. Even your book-trailer. We have so much fun while we bring it all together for you.

Mary-lou Stephens

Editor and proof-reader

Every time I’m sent a manuscript to edit, I get excited about what I’ll learn. Each author has a depth of knowledge and skill in their chosen field. The authors and I work together to create the best possible experience for the reader and it’s always a joy.

Cassie Small

Editor and PR Writer

I like helping our authors get strategy into their launches. To find that right way to ‘massage’ a media release and get it in the right hands.

Shenny Neverecel

Social media guru

I’m a self-confessed social media geek. If there’s a policy change, I’m on it. I get a buzz when authors get to use social media to attract their ideal readers and students.

Veer Sharma

Digital marketing specialist

Digital funnels and online course platforms are my thing. I love knowing our authors and course developers help people all over the world.


Neha Sharma

Digital marketing specialist

I like helping people share their message online, I’m a total geek when it comes to digital marketing platforms. I’m a new mum and I love working with the MPP family too.

Annie Murray

Copywriter and marketing guru

I am fascinated with the psychology of the mind. Knowing how to tell a story in marketing is an art. Authenticity means from the heart, so when a story comes to life, I feel the buzz!