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Become a published author with Mind Potential Publishing and we will show you how to substantially grow your market. We know how to help you build a passive and profitable business around your published book.
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Broaden your reach & share your unique message with a global audience.


Created automated income streams & financial freedom.


Have you tried to author a book or self-publish before and found yourself stuck and overwhelmed at the first hurdle?

We understand how fear can hold you back, which is why we created a program for Practitioners and Executive Coaches like you to unleash your potential. 

Is the doubting voice of imposter syndrome ringing in your ears? Who are you to write a book?” You’re not alone. We get you and we’ve helped 100’s of practitioners and coaches overcome this hurdle.

Do you feel like you’re hitting your head against a financial ceiling? Do you hear yourself say with frustration, “making more money doing what I love shouldn’t be this hard?”

Do you ever worry about quiet times of the year, or wonder how to build your list of loyal and happy followers?

Mind Potential Publishing empowers wellness practitioners and coaches, just like you, to get their message to the world and succeed.

We’ve already helped executive coaches, hypnotherapists, psychologists, naturopaths, counselors, and others in the wellness industry.

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Free 3-Part Practitioner and Author Video Series

How to Earn More Doing What You Love Without Burning Out.

Access this life and career changing video series free today.

  • Part 1: Clarity – what kind of business would fulfil your dreams? Let’s get clarity on what it is an the steps to get you out there.
  • Part 2: Awareness – now you know what you want, lets address the steps to get you there.
  • Part 3: Your Potential – as a practitioner, you’re forever looking out for others. Now it’s time to activate your potential too!

3 Step Plan

At Mind Potential Publishing… here’s how we do it:

Step 1


Join us at our next 3-Day SCALE Your Business Live Publishing Event, where we help you to map out your book idea.

Step 2


Submit your application to join our coaching and publishing program. Tickets do sell fast! You can Join in-person or Connect via live-stream.

Step 3


Schedule a Strategy CALL with your Coach!

Our Promise To You

We focus on doing the things that you don’t want to do, and traditional publishers simply don’t know how or can’t do…

One-Stop Shop

We’re a ‘Done for you’ Publishing and Digital Marketing House. We take care of all the stressful jobs… so you can continue doing what you love!

Automated Income

We help you establish automated income by developing highly effective marketing and PR strategies around your book and / or online course or high-ticket coaching program.

More Than a Publisher

We guide you to grow your profile and income streams by developing online courses, events, sales funnels and organic strategies to grow your list and get media attention.

The Complete Package

We guide you to grow your industry profile by getting clear on the kind of business and lifestyle you want and then make a plan with you to help you get it.


Maggie’s energy, wisdom and knowledge make her an exceptional mentor and a personal cheerleader all-in-one. She went above and beyond to take us through the process step-by-step and made it easy and fun. Our first book is finished, we’ve produced an online course and the next book and course are being structured. The skilled team are experts in their field and were genuinely invested in our book journey.  They are organised and fully engaged in the industry, provide exceptional value for money and delivered exactly what they said they would do. Thank you, Maggie and the Mind Potential Publishing Team, for such an amazing experience.

Megan Harris

Hypnotherapist, NLPer and Therapist’s Accountant, Author of Eating Secrets and the online course, How to Overcome Binge Eating and Sabotage.

“Thank you to the wonderful Maggie Wilde and the Mind Potential Publishing Team. You showed me how writing this book would be an amazing experience. My ride was smooth. I was supported and the best of me was encouraged. I’m grateful to the team who kept me accountable.

I believe my practice grew successful and fast because I became an expert having written a book and created an online course. Because I can say now, ‘I am an author and course creator,’ I have all these people who trust me, it’s a trust thing. So glad I did this, thank you.”

Amanda Dounis

Psychotherapist and Educator, Author of My Coping Skills Handbook and the My Coping Skills for Kids Online Course

“This Publishing program is the best thing we did for our business. Mind Potential Publishing is the only big program we’ve ever done where all our expectations were either met or exceeded. We’ve done so many other programs hoping for these outcomes and nothing before this delivered. Maggie and the team have blown us away, we can’t thank the team enough.”

Leonie and John O’Connell

Directors of Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis, Authors of What to Do When What You Did Didn’t Work and the online course Practitioner Masterclass Dealing with Resistant Clients

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